The Tower House: Ideal for Film Shoots

Amongst the many styles of architecture of the various Neemrana non-hotel Hotels is the scallop-walled Tower House which looks rather like a ship. 

Past a frangipani, redolent with fragrances of the past, enter another era of generous, wide arches held on fluted pillars. When, below a white, casket- roofed ceiling, captains’ wives waltzed on wooden floors with governors and sultans, pirates and princes. 

Now skylights pierce the double height entrance pit to bring the present in. Multi-religious art honours Cochin’s residents: Hindu, Jewish, Muslim and Christian. Walk out to the ancient Chinese nets to see how the fishermen catch fish at night by luring them with lanterns. 

Art treasures from the colonial past now revive an authentic scent of the bygone era, making it the ideal choice for discerning film directors that endeavour to portray a history. The inner patio and pool by the garden offers ample opportunities for outdoor shots without any external disturbances and vast opportunities for creative directors who can adapt their locales with an inventive imagination.